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Governors Committee Structure

Committees and Curriculum leads

Sub A – Finance, SFVS, Health and Safety and Premises

Julie Sharman                        Committee Chair
Neil Gordon
Clare Arnold
Harry Harrison
Wendy Lyon

Sub B - Safeguarding, Curriculum, Staffing, Assessment, Tracking

Shelley Long                          Committee Chair

John Williamson

Judith Gilmore

Maggie Wheeler

Wendy Lyon

Karen Burnett


Headteacher Performance Management

Neil Gordon and Harry Harrison


Governors with special responsibility:


SEND Governors – John Williamson and Maggie Wheeler

Recruitment Governors – Clare Arnold and Shelley Long

Website Governors – Julie Sharman


Maths – Harry Harrison

Literacy – John Williamson

Science – Julie Sharman

RE – Clare Arnold and Maggie Wheeler

History – Neil Gordon

Geography – Judith Gilmore

PE – Judith Gilmore

Music – Neil Gordon

DT – Julie Sharman

ICT – Shelley Long

Art – Harry Harrison

PSHE/British Values - Clare Arnold and Maggie Wheeler

Languages - vacant